Can I create a map around 80 feet wide?

Can I create a map around 80 feet wide? Would it be stable or are there any known issues with creating large maps? My app would be instantiating a model of about the same size once localized. Thank you!

Hey there! So there are a couple of things that might affect the answer to the question.

The biggest factor being the actual area being scanned. We recommend for the best performance that the area scanned is within about 1200sqft. When maps are covering a larger area than that, the amount of data it has to load may affect the performance of relocalization.

Another thing is something called drift. ARKit drift occurs as a part of the scanning process, basically small littler errors in the approximation of movement by the device itself that can make certain things jitter or jump. Say if you placed a cube on a table and walked 80 ft away and came back to it, it might have moved a foot or so.

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