Errors on Xcode 11.3.1

I got this on Xcode, any help? thanks!

Hi @Hanz. Let’s a do a couple things to verify the issue here. Could you go to your Project folder and go to Assets/Placenote/Plugins/iOS/Placenote.framework and let me know what size the framework folder is ?

Hi @neil, I just found that the folder(Assets/Placenote/Plugins/iOS/) is empty…
I imported the placenote unity package on the website, Did I miss anything?

When you got started did you clone the github repo or did you just download the unity package?

I just downloaded the package and imported it.

Hmm that’s super weird. What you could do is redownload the unity package, then go to Assets/Placenote/Plugins/iOS/ and copy that placenote.framework file and copy it into your project

okay, I reimported it and solve the problems.
seems some files were missing there…

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