Is it possible to download the scanned dense map?

Is it possible to download the scanned dense map? I saw previously there was a meshing app from Placenote somewhere but couldn’t find it any more.

hello @clifflinmao,

Not yet, the meshing app was just in beta, and based on some early results with select partners we’ve decided not to make it public just yet! We are working on improving some of the underlying algorithms before making it public. It will take some time though :frowning:.

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OK, Thank you for the information. Looking forward to the improvement.
FYI. From my point-of-view, the meshing feature(for mapping process) doesn’t have to be perfect, as for application development, at least for me, I mainly just want to import it into Unity for earsier alignment (with virtual content), not for generating a perfect model. But of course this could be different if you want to build a seperate ‘meshing app’, for which user might expect higher quality model generated.