Judder after relocalization

I’m building a test app based upon the “Hello World” Unity sample and I’m running into an issue with relocalization.

The app is successfully relocalizing and spawning mModelDancing at the desired destination within the environment, but afterwards there is occasional “judder” as Placenote continues to re-align the camera and my model is moved slightly, which looks bad. What is the best way to eliminate this judder?

I have tried calling LibPlacenote.Instance.StopSession(); after relocalization completes, but I’ve noticed that this occasionally causes the camera relocalization to become entirely lost and my model jumps to the other side of the room.

Additional details regarding this issue:

It seems that localization will sometimes be maintained after calling StopSession() and other times localization is completely disregarded. It’s not clear to me what determines if it will be maintained, as I have followed the same reproduction steps and seen both outcomes.

Do you have the same issue with the original sample app?

Yes, I’m seeing the same judder in the original code sample. Here’s the original sample shot on iPhone 11 Pro Max:

(Note: I’ve changed the model scaling to 1.)

It’s most noticeable when the model is staying still:

Maybe you can try this after the relocalization and check if it still happen: