Large map divided into small locations

Dear team!

Glad to work with Placenote! I have a problem with creating a large cloud of points divided into small locations. In your application on testflight I see that it is possible to add points to the cloud after loading the map. Is it possible to do that after loading the map, the user could go to another room and there continue to add points to the point cloud?

I would like that the large building has several areas to start and update the AR experience (For example, I have highlighted in red on the plan the areas where the user can start and update an AR experience).

I tried to do this in Unity, but I couldn’t add the points I created to the loaded map.


Hey @Kuz,

This is an interesting problem. Unfortunately, this would be difficult to support because our map has one single pose graph i.e. the transform between the different red sections have to be known. So when you go to another “room”, we have to know exactly how the user has moved from the previous room.

The other option for you is to just to create multiple maps (one for each red section), and when a user starts, you can serially keep loading the n-maps that are closest to a GPS point, and sending it image frames, until you get a fix. Some other users have had good luck with this.

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Hi, @peej, I understand the map has only one pose graph, I think what @Kuz is asking is whether it’s possible to ‘extend’ a map. For example, say we alread have a map for room A, now we relocalize in room A and start extending the map by walking slowly to room B(while keep scanning around). Then save to have a larger map covering both rooms. Is that possible?

Yes! That is totally possible.

Call StartSession with the map extension flag set to true:



At all, I didn’t want to save the points that would appear when I moved from room A to room B. I’d like to have a minimum size map, and one for several rooms.

I got it. I’ll try to figure something out with a few maps!