Load Maps into Unity to place Objects

Hello everybody, I hope you are well :slight_smile:
My question is, can you, and if yes, how do you load maps into unity to place your 3D models directly in unity? And if not, how do you even change the objects from the sample scene to your own models to be able to place them in the environment?
I’m a total beginner as you can see and would really appreciate your help :slight_smile:

Hey there Elena! Welcome to the forum! Actually, funny you should ask. This is going to be a new feature we’re introducing soon. Can I ask, what are you planning to build with it if you could do this?

Of course, this project is more serious and not only for entertainment, as it deals with the time where the nazis where the most present in austria, specifically 1941. It should demonstrate how awful it was back then and what minorities had to go through. In order to reach that, the plan is basically to reconstruct the area where the users stand and explore the environment. The users are mainly bypassers who are interested in the history of the city I live in. To generate this feeling of watching the past through the phone means to replace modern things like street name signs with the original old street name signs etc. We did a lot of research and found out exactly what the street looked like back then and are now modeling the things we saw in old pictures to place them in the real world. For example, one building was an antiquities shop and we are building the things we saw were placed outside of the shop to look at like vases, statues or paintings. To deepen the experience more we are thinking of layering a black and white or sepia filter on top of the AR camera. One difficultly we figured out we would definitely have is the lightning situation. As I said, the location ist on an open street which means we can’t control the light and don’t know when our users will try this app. Additionally we may have problems with people walking by and disturbing the use of the app but this shouldn’t be too much of a problem as it is definitely not crowded.
The deadline for this project is in June, any chance you’ll have that feature by then?

Yes just change the linked prefabs in the inspector under model manager!

Hi Neil, this feature will make building general environment in persistent AR very easy.
Right now, I need to write a lot of code to manipulate those objects while I’m in ARsession which I’m not a fan really.
The tap, drag, pinch, twist gesture is extremely clunky when you want the object to be located at specific position on your map, or at specific direction or specific scale. Not to mention the possible drift we will get when we’re moving around object in map.

It’s so much easier to get this done right in editor without having to write any line of code. Just scan a map then place virtual object in editor. Done !

I missed the spatial visualization Placenote used to have.

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I too find it very annoying to place the objects with my fingers and it’s not very specific at all. Did you find any solutions to that you might be able to share?

Hi, I currently use LeanTouch to manipulate object.
If you want the objects to be at specific point, you could try raycasting to feature point instead of PlaneWithinBound.
If you raycast by using feature point, you can use Placenote’s feature visualization as a general archor on where the object will be placed. Basically, anywhere with a feature visualization icon can be tap to spawn object.

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