Map merging feature

In practice, when making a valuable product with Placenote, it is quite common to have multiple map, because of many reason, e.g.

  1. The size of one map would be too large to download for a good UX.
  2. Because of sensor drift, when a map is covering a large area, it is for sure distorted. The level of distortion depends on the motion when creating the map. Therefore a good practice of using Plcanote is to limite the size of one map to a room-scale area, but using multple map.
    (correct me if above is wrong)

Therefore, in practice it’s just common to have multiple maps. But to achieve navigation across maps, An approach is needed to merge them under one corrdinate system.

With Azure spatial anchor, it is possible to connect multiple ‘anchor’ by localizing them one after another, even though they were created seperated, independently. Here I would like to suggest you consider providing the same for placenote map:

Say I have map A, and map B created seperately, and independently. Now I can localize map A, then moving to the location of map B and localize map B, then map A and B can be merged under one coordinate system. Simialar feature is also seen in, in which case, a larger map’s coordinate system would be the final one.

Above is just my suggestion.
Please comments.

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