Placenote and Unity. Can you activate experiences using colliders?

Hi there

working on a Placenote UNITY project using indoor Wayfinding much like the gallery tour which is a great example of a Persistent AR experience.

Just exploring possible solutions as we would like to trigger an event when a user reaches a particular point on a journey.

If this was VR or a game we would just use an invisible object with an attached collider which would then send an event when the user entered it, touched it etc. The event would launch the experience.

Is this the way the Gallery Tour works?
Can events to start interactions be fired depending on the users position within the map? If so is there a standard way of managing this?

Thanks in advance for any pointers.

Happy to share working code afterwards



Hey @VRCraftworks,

All the Unity Scene features (Collider based activations etc.) are all available. After Placenote finds a scene it has seen before, it simply inserts your Unity scene with all its features available (as in VR) in front of the user.

Hope this helps!

Hi peej

Thank you.

We have progressed anyway and are using colliders to trigger Rest requests.

All good.

So for those that want to try this. Using the robot in the HelloWorld Example

Set up User Trigger
Set an empty game object as a child of the AR camera
Give it a collider and set as trigger
Set this at your best trigger point which is usually a +0.2 to 2 on the Z axis (in front of the user)
If you want to test visually make it a sphere and give it a transparent material

Interaction Trigger on robot
Add a Rigid body to the Waving prefab, turn off gravity and set collision detection to continuous dynamic
Add a box collider, set as trigger, adjust its size to suit.
Add a script based on OnTriggerEnter(Collider other)
Add whatever functionality to want into the detection script - best to send an event to an event manager or you can simply change the material colour of the robot/sphere to test

Good luck!