Sunsetting Placenote SDK and our new product launch

Please read this important news about Placenote SDK.

First, Congrats for your new plan and new product.

But this is a sad news for projects using Placenote SDK. If the service is going to shut-down soon, what about the existing products previously build with Placenote around the world? In our case, we already have a lot map save on your server, and our app will keep downloading map from there, and our user will keep generating new maps to your server. How do we keep our business running under this situation?

Therefore, I would like to ask, could you consider from the developer’s point-of-view, propose a solution to migrate existing project out of your service, to make sure the existing apps can still run under developer’s own server. I guess it’s mainly about two things below:

  1. Since the map generation and AR localization with Placenote SDK is purelly a local behaviour, technically it should be possible to work without authentication from Placenote server.

  2. The map is now stored on Placenote server, would it be be possible to guice developers to setup our own, just for downloading the map?

There might have more elements that I am not aware of to make it happen. Please point our, or give any comments about it.

  • Cliff