What's this error about? [multisink] [error]

After relocalizaiton, this error appears frequently:
Could anyone from Placenote comments about what this error is about in detail?

I think this is related to OnPose() after relocalization, if I stop sending frames to Placenote, it doens’t appears any more. But I couldn’t find any hint from the code, it’s from Placenote lib, do we need to worry about this error, does it have negative impact? How do we avoide this error?

[2021-05-05 20:56:15.708] [multisink] [error] TrackerARKit: only 0 activeLandmarkProjections

[2021-05-05 20:56:15.792] [multisink] [error] TrackerARKit: only 1 activeLandmarkProjections

[2021-05-05 20:56:15.909] [multisink] [error] TrackerARKit: only 4 activeLandmarkProjections

[2021-05-05 20:56:16.103] [multisink] [error] TrackerARKit: only 1 activeLandmarkProjections

[2021-05-05 20:56:16.486] [multisink] [error] TrackerARKit: only 4 activeLandmarkProjections


There is no real way to “avoid” this error, it’s simply environment-dependent (just a sudden loss of active landmarks we are able to resolve). It may happen more often if you say point the phone towards a blank wall or more generally a “blander” area where there are less discernable features.

In most cases though, you should be receiving Pose updates and the ARKit sessions should continue unabated (i.e. this error can be safely ignored).

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Thanks for the explanation!