Why is this forum not so active?

Hey, I just want to ask why is this forum not as active as it should be? Many post are there for a couple of months but still no response. Frankly speaking, as a developer using Placenote, this makes me feel a bit concerned because this is what happened before 6D.ai is sold and stop support for previous developers, could u pls at least make it clear to all and be more active in this forum, if u have time ? Thanks.


Our team is busy building the next generation of this technology and unfortunately, have less time supporting the free versions of our SDK. Once we update this with new versions, our support will return with full-time staff.

We do not intend to update the SDK for various ARKit updates until our next-generation technology is ready. We expect this to leap-frog a lot of options currently available, but unfortunately, this means it will take some time. No timeline is available yet.

Thank you for your support so far.

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Thanks for the information. Looking forward to the next gen SDK.